These are terrible Dipper is /too/ small and I drew Bill’s coat wrong in the 3rd image and he looks upset about it.


Cuil la Cuil ! Nouvelle génération !

Some fruits fan-service ! 

Merci aux amies qui m’ont conseillées de faire ça =)

ion’s 7000+ Follower Giveaway


hello darlings! recently i reached a milestone and decided this time around to celebrate it! :D so i have up for grabs a used Wacom CTE-450 Bamboo Fun! here are some pictures!





now it is used, and a little dirty from wear, and also the pen is not it’s original one (but the pen does work! only the eraser tip doesn’t, the drawing nib does) but it works nicely and comes with its original mouse, cable, and box.

Who can enter?
anyone whom is following me! this is for my follows after all. c:

How do i enter?
you must reblog and/or like this post. you can do it as many times as you want since the winner will be chosen by random generator, so the more times you enter, the higher your chances! and do keep your message box open so i can tell you if you have won. if the winner does not respond, i’ll choose another and so on until it is accepted.

Giveaway time frame?
you have until 18th of October 2014 (midnight EST) to enter. the winner will be chosen the following day and shipped out as soon as possible.

Can international users join?
yes you can, although due to shipping costs and custom charges, if you win and are not within the USA, you will have to pay for shipping through paypal (i’m so sorry, but if the shipping is too much and you’re still interested, we can discuss splitting the shipping cost). i will do my best to make this easy for any international winner.

have fun and good luck!


metroid y_y

i think this was done a million times before orz

Kamishiro Rize vs Kaneki Ken

If the fucking adorable mailer girl turns out to be in cahoots with the butler and gets dropped into the fire, i fuckin quit this game.



this is it, the best joke in the game

god bless the men and women who died localizing this joke


Yes, we were robbed of the chance to have the ultimate navigator, Kanji Tatsumi



The first full trailer for Dai Gyakuten Saiban is here! Subs will be added shortly.


october everywhere else:
-cool breezes
-orange leaves
-chilly nights
-pumpkins and hay and scarecrows

october in california:
-santa ana winds
-palm trees on fire
-90 degrees at 5am
-fire hazards EVERYWHERE